Monday, July 14, 2014

June Update, belated

June came and went without a second to waste. It's mid July and just now have I had time to compile some photos together for a post. This year for Fathers Day I was fortunate enough to accompany my Dad on a business trip to Rhode Island. It worked in my favor as I had the days free to roam, taking hundreds of photographs and soaking in the scenery.

Newport, Rhode Island

 Fort Adams, Newport RI
 Fort Adams, Newport RI
 Ocean Ave Beach, Newport RI
 Ocean Ave Beach, RI

 Even in the rain and fog the appeal was still prevalent
Warwick, RI

 Warwick, RI

 Sunset on the bridge into Newport, from Jamestown

 The last day I decided to do the Cliff Walk in Newport, a trail that goes along the coastline:

Over the course of the week I took quite a few photos and did some sketches. Here's one I just finished in the studio:

11x14 Oil on Paper

Here's two other recently completed works:
12x16 Oil on linen

8x10, Oil on linen


Monday, May 5, 2014

May Update

 It's already been two months since my last update? This prolonged winter is very confusing, it's hard to believe it's May already and Spring is barely started. Something about this extended period of cold and darkness kept me from being very motivated creatively. I've spent more time reading and relaxing than working. Countless times I've wandered into the studio to paint and instead reorganized a shelf, or setup a still life only to become distracted and wake up hours later from a nap with no painting....
Funny how that happens. Either way if I set goals I would be behind on them but I don't so instead I just begin again. This little 5x7 I worked on today for about 45 minutes, took a break, and came back to for about another 10. The last ten minutes were my favorite and I backed up without killing it thankfully.

 Recently, when I have been in the mindset to work I've been using some of my figure sketches to turn into small oil versions. Using  a limited palette and the limited information of the drawings (done during quick timed sessions) keeps things fresh and interesting. This is one of my favorites:
 "Figure Pose IV"
8 x 10 Oil on linen


Also, several of my still life paintings are currently hanging at a good friend, Gary Vadkin's restaurant, here  locally at Season on Main in downtown Bloomsburg.  If your traveling through Pennsylvania on I-80 or live close enough to stop by it's highly recommended! Great food and a unique atmosphere unlike anything else in the area. 

This one was one of the most recent ones I completed and forgot to ever photograph is before hanging it up! This iPhone picture will have to suffice for now

 As for the lack of spring, I was able to find one day that maintained a certain light for long enough that I could setup an outdoor still life (modified plein air) and work in a different atmosphere from the controlled lighting of the studio.
After about 2 hours the light had changed so I took some photos quick and I will finish it in the studio sometime soon.

Friday, February 21, 2014


Living in the Northeast it's a given that the last few weeks have been all about the wild winter weather that's been happening almost daily...

As of today it's turned mostly to rain but next week already has snowflakes patterned across the forecast. Luckily,  I've been caught up in painting still life, and not even considered going out to catch the cold on canvas. 

8x10 Oil on linen;2014
$275, Framed

Monday, February 10, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Eggs 8 x 10 Still Life Oil Painting, Framed

8x10 Oil on Linen; 2014
$275, Framed
Click here for purchase information

These small paintings have given me a great opportunity to experiment with paint application, particularly thick paint application. It takes a great deal of reserve on my part not to go back and destroy those areas but setting a timer helps. I've gotten good with 2.5 hours as a max. After that I put them away and wait till the next day. Usually, once there is some separation,  it's easier to decide if it was to much, or to little. Going to fill another week or so with these studies....more to come.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blue Water and Oranges

"Blue Water and Oranges"
8x10 Oil on Linen;2014
$275, Framed